Congratulations On Your Investment Property


  Is your property rent ready? If not, your next step is to get it up to rental condition with as little money as possible and have it rented in the shortest amount of time.  This preparation process can be a bit tricky, at times.  The preparation for renting a property is much different than for the sale of a property.  Reducing owner liability is critical.  We have plenty of experience in this area and would like to offer you are expertise.

 We would be happy to take a look at your property and give you some tips at no cost or commitment.   Whether you’re an experienced investor or not, a different set of eyes can be invaluable.  We would be happy to tell you a bit about our Property Management services as well.  You are sure to hear some great information that will be useful for your investment venture.  If our Property Management services don’t seem to meet your goals, that's absolutely fine.  Either way, we’ll leave you with some great information.

 We are not a typical Property Management Company.  We specialize in managing single family homes in Contra Costa County including; Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Pittsburg, as well as Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez and Walnut Creek.

 Working with Single Family Home investors, over the years has allowed us to develop a unique and effective approach to management.  As you know by now, purchasing of an investment property is just the beginning.  In fact it’s just a small part of investing.  Your money will be made or lost during the holding period.  We’ve found that many Investors neglect this time period. This is a BIG mistake!

 We are “Property Performance Managers   Our goal is to increase monthly cash-flow and profits while reducing personal risk and liability. The following are a few of the ways we accomplish this.

 Interior inspections, Rental value analysis, Screening evaluations, frequent drive-by inspections, Tenant Retention Strategies, Annual tenant evaluations, Exit Strategy reviews, Cash-flow and Liability reviews, Tenant renters insurance review,  Personal Investment Philosophies, as well as future acquisition opportunities.

 The above strategies are included in our standard Property Management services.  Remember, now that you own this property, the real work has just begun.  Let’s work together as a team and continue to increase and strengthen your investments, whenever and however possible.

You will also find that our Management Services are quite affordable.  So if you’ve contemplated property Management, but thought you couldn’t afford it, give us a call; you just might be pleasantly surprised.

 Call us anytime, we would be happy to answer any questions you have, or set up a time to meet at your property.  We’re often in the neighborhood tending to properties we manage, so we might be able to just pop-by.