Investing in the City of Oakley

Although it became a city just five years ago, Oakley is a small town with a country feeling, despite being just 50 miles from San Francisco. Besides that, it’s nestled in the heart of the California Delta region and at the fork of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers.

It’s nearness to the Delta and employment centers in the Bay Area make Oakley the ideal location to raise one’s family. Due to the availability of new housing, it has become one of the most rapidly growing cities in the state. While offering amenities such as shopping centers, a business district, many schools (including four elementary, two middle, and one high), a spacious community park, and a cast variety of clubs/organizations, the city caters to everyone’s needs. Newly dubbed “A Place for Families in the Heart of the Delta”, studies in 2010 report that the city holds nearly 35, 432 residents, and rising.

For those who enjoy experiencing the great outdoors, Oakley offers many places to simply be one with nature. The Antioch/Oakley Regional Shoreline offers a 550 foot pier, fishing 24 hours, a cleaning station, and drinking fountains to refresh afterwards. For those who want to relax and escape the fast pace of everyday life, there are picnic tables, barbeques, windscreens, and the perfect opportunity for kite flying. Open to the public 5am to 10pm, the Shoreline offers even wheelchair friendly paths, paved trails, and disabled-accessible restrooms. This is just one of the many outdoor possibilities, including Delta de Anza Trail, Marsh Creek Trail, Big Break Trail and Marina, Lauritzen Yacht Harbor, as well as many state and regional parks.