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"Project" Management Services


Our “Project Management” is the process of quickly and effectively preparing your property for initial occupancy and “tenant turnover”. The effectiveness of this process will determine the current and future performance of your property; including, vacancy duration, rental value, tenancy turnover, etc. We have personally Project Managed over $50 million in local Real Estate.



Our Project Management Services also include coordinating the time consuming work for you. For example: securing estimates for repairs and improvements, meeting vendors and allowing access to your property, supervised repairs, utility issues with the city, lawn care issues, re-keying the property, decreased repair expenses, and so on. Maintaining happy tenants and having repairs done correctly the first time are necessary to retaining a long-term tenant; the process and speed of preparing your property to be “rent ready” is critical. You will have many decisions; including, uncovering safety issues, what to fix, and what upgrades are necessary now, versus which can wait? Our project management services will expedite this process, saving you time and reducing your vacancy period.

We will also keep you and your property safe! We will help you reduce liability within your property by complying with carbon monoxide detector requirements, local smoke detector ordinances, chimney sweep issues, GFI compliances, and so on. We will also share important intangibles with you, such as asset protections strategies, rental dwelling insurance, renter’s insurance, security issues, and so on.

Annual property performance analysis. We understand each and every property you own should be treated as a business and evaluated on an annual basis. We will determine vacancy periods, market value, and provide a current rental analysis. The purpose is to assure that your property is performing at its highest potential. After all, it is an investment, even if you are simply renting out your current residence. Having an investment property is time consuming and often a 24/7 job. Many of our investors do not live within 30 minutes of their property, making it even more challenging to take care of issues, quickly and effectively.

Having a Property Management Company in your back pocket with significant experience in all critical areas of investing will save you time and money. You will have peace of mind and feel confident that all important details are being attended to. Our project management allows you to direct your attention toward your family and work, where it should be.

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