Why people never end up buying Investment Properties


The following information is critical for Real Estate investment success. Many investors seem to get in a hurry and neglect the obvious; these mistake can result in disaster! Make sure to have accurate answers to all of the questions below, as these questions can serve as a good acquisition check off list as well. As you review the information, you may determine that Real Estate investing is not right for you, or that it may not be the right market for you to invest in. Either way, making an informed decision is ultimately what is most important. 


  1. Unable to acquire straight forward answers to the tough questions
  2. Lack of time to research, analyze, and successfully location the best deals
  3. Too difficult to accurately determine bottom line monthly cash flow numbers
  4. Too many pieces of the puzzle contradict each other
  5. Difficulty putting together an experienced and trustworthy team
  6. Partner is not on the same page

  Questions that must be answered before making an offer:

  1. What will my total monthly Mortgage payment be?
  2. How long will my holding period" be?
  3. What should I expect for vacancy rates?
  4. What will this property truly rent for?
  5. What are my exit strategies?
  6. What about expected & unexpected expenses?
  7. Will this home appreciate?  What if it does not?

 Annual Property Performance Evaluations Are a Must! 

  1. Summary of overall property performance
  2. Current market value & rental analysis
  3. Property performance issues and remedies
  4. Strategies to increase property & cash flow performance
  5. Review of exit strategies possible acquisition opportunities...
  6. Screening criteria review
  7. Evaluate possible property repairs and updating
  8. Review Personal Investment Philosophy & modify if necessary


These are just a few good questions everyone should have answers to before they buy Investment Property.  All of the answers to these questions are answered before we write offers for any of our clients; it is simply smart investing. 

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