Why do we create detailed property videos?

Advertising Purposes                                                Establish Move-in Condition


As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. However, in the world of Property Management, utilizing videos is worth a "million words”. Videos can be the difference between a well-kept property versus a trashed property by your tenant. This is just one reason we create narrated videos to establish the move-in condition of your home. They are also great for advertising purposes as well. We utilize videos to our advantage in three different ways


First, we use videos for advertising purposes

We shoot videos to allow us to show off the best amenities of your home. For example, with an updated kitchen we can zoom in on your new appliances, custom cabinets, or new flooring. Or we can also focus on floor plans, views, bedroom size, landscaping, or your neighborhood. Still photos don't have nearly the impact. Videos always allow your home to look much larger, cleaner, and simply more desirable.

The video is then uploaded to you-tube and our company website, as well as advertised in numerous Property Management and Real Estate websites; like, Zillow, Oodle, Trullia, etc. Our research show that our properties rent out much quicker with videos rather than still photos alone, not to mention numerous other advantages.


Second, we shoot detailed move-in video (10-15 minutes)

Our videos cover just about everything in your home (see example above). We state the purpose, date, and address of the video verbally up front. This allows us to use the video to verify the current condition and contents of the home upon tenant move-in. Equally important is that it establishes video evidence of facts should there be any disputes from the tenant as to the move-in condition or content of the home. Should a tenant dispute that a cracked tile was cracked before they moved in, a simple review and pausing of the video, as well as zooming in on the tile will set the facts straight. Our video evidence also reduces alleged safety issues, and the chances of a tenant seeking legal action.


Third, we are investors ourselves

As with our owners, we are always interested to know EXACTLY what the inside of our homes looks like!  Our video inspections are available to our owners.  Videos are also used to show our owners any repairs that may be needed or the outcome of a repair, new paint, or other work completed on their home. This allows our owners to have piece of mind knowing their property is being well taken care of by their tenant and their Property Management Company, “seeing is believing”.


* Videos and inspections are included in our fees at no additional charge.