Below are recent Blogs topics that you will find on our Blog. The majority of our Blog content was gained from our years of Property Management experiences. We have suffered many bumps and bruises along the way. You will gain great insights into numerous tenant and property issues. It’s great knowledge to have under your belt. It will also give you a clear understanding on how we handle these problems. And also allow us to work together as a team for better success.


1.  Four reason to use Golden Gate Real Estate & Management

2.  Should I allow pets?

3.  What a P.M. does for their fees

4.  1031 exchange

5.  Find the best Antioch tenant

6.  Questions for first time Antioch landlord

7.  How to get rid of your bad tenant

8.  Renters insurance

9.  How do P.M. companies handle repairs?

10. The importance of Asset protection

11. Should I increase my rent?

12. How to successfully invest in Contra Costa County

13. When should I sell my investment property?

14. Who pays for pest control for my rental property?