Initial walk-through inspection



Our initial walk-through inspection takes place prior to the tenant moving in. The inspection consists of completing an 18 page property inspection form, including over 200 items to be inspected. Any item needing repair or having damage is noted on this form. This document is critical in determining the pre-move-in condition of the property. The new tenant will review and sign this document, agreeing to the stated move-in property condition. We also include inside and outside photos/videos when warranted. The move-in inspection sets a baseline and helps determine the deposit refund amount due to the tenant upon vacating the property.

The Tenants deposit refund amount is based on the initial inspection form, minus normal wear and tear. Everyday wear and tear is determined by the final move-out inspection. The completeness and accuracy of the inspections will help maintain a safe rental property, and keep you the Owner, out of court. Inspections also reduce tenant turnover costs each time a tenant vacates the property.

Material facts: Was the carpeting professionally cleaned by the current tenant prior to vacating the home as stipulation in our contract, and is it evidenced by a receipt? The entire home should be left in the same cleanliness condition as when the tenant moved in. The painting, flooring, and appliances condition will be documented. We will determine if these areas have exceeded normal wear and tear. The tenant signed move-in inspection ultimately determines what is deemed average “wear and tear” on carpeting, paint, appliances, cabinets, etc. This documentation will reduce owner costs and protect you, should we be summoned into court. The above information is critical to maintain the condition of your property and to reduce expenses.

One of, if not the most common cases in small claims courts involves Tenant and Landlord resolution issues. To date, we have had only one eviction in the last 8 years. Our detailed documentation, photos, and due diligence has no doubt played a significant role in our ability to keep our tenants happy and our owners out of court.


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