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Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program

This is an intense Real Estate Mentoring Program broken down into 5 key classes, including a Private Fieldtrip and personal investment consultation.  Our program is designed to put all levels of Investors on the fast-track to sound and proven Real Estate investing. This is an all-inclusive training program, covering everything from A-Z with one-on-one student attention.  All classes are live and personally taught by Dina and Eddie.

Our program is designed for convenience; all classes are presented by Power Point Webinar, so you can remain in the comforts of your home.

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What makes our program unique?  

What you'll learn from our program 

Mentoring Program Graduate "Perks" 

Importance of A Local, and Experienced Mentor 

 Our focus is on, 1-on-1, local, hands-on training. Our classes are updated frequently in order to maintain fresh market data. You can join the program anytime and work at your own pace. Call for further details.  

 At the end of this program, you will be armed with the skills and concepts necessary for successful investing. In fact, over half of our students submit offers on properties during the program. You will establish your own Personal Investment Philosophy and a detailed plan for action. You will be efficient at analyzing properties, calculating cash-flows, repair costs, and asset protection. You will have personally analyzed numerous active listings in all key areas of long as well as short-term performance.

With over 50 combined years of experience... Eddie and Dina have been working in this specific area as Realtors, Lenders, Property Managers, and personally have been investing for over 25 years. We manage over 80 investment property portfolios and have closed over 500 million dollars in local transactions. We have independently bought, sold, invested, and managed Investment Properties here in the Bay Area and beyond. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

We are a unique mentoring program; this means no gimmicks and no unrealistic promises. We only provide sound, proven, and verifiable strategies. With over 25 years of Real Estate experiences, we know what works and what does not work.

The cost of this program is a fraction of the cost of many other programs. Call for a private consultation to determine if this program is right for youl This is an all-inclusive Mentoring Program from A-Z taught by local, experienced investors (Eddie and Dina).  Our average clients have been working with us for 10 years plus and have closed over three transactions.  If you are serious about investing, this the place to be!


Equally important is that our program is an on-going Mentoring/Coaching program. All or our graduates are encouraged to continue attending our classes, Fieldtrips, and future Mentoring Programs at absolutely no charge. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship!  Welcome to investing made easy!  Call for further details at: (925) 584-8800.


Mentoring Program Summary



This is a five week, broken down into 5 key subjects and a fieldtrip, each subject building upon the previous.  

Subject 1 Pieces of the “Real Estate Investment Puzzle”– We will take a look at all the important pieces of the investment puzzle and put them into perspective.   

Subject 2 The Purchase Process with REO emphasis- The Bank-owned purchase process from A-Z, including offers, counters, addendums, home inspections warranties, etc.

Subject 3 Property “Performance” Management – How to increase monthly cash-flows, ROI, & tenant retention, as well as lowering vacancies, expenses, liabilities, and exposure to law suits.

Subject 4 Current Market and Property Analysis– Master the process of analyzing markets as well as cash-flow calculations and overall property performance potential.

Subject 5 Tying it all together– We will establish long & short term investment goals which are in line with your Personal Investment Philosophy, as well as a plan of action for your next acquisition.  We will analyze active investment opportunities in all key areas, including C/F, ROI, & overall investment potential.  Our discussion will also include “Creative Financing” options as well as Conventional lending options.

Subject 6 Fieldtrip– We will apply all your newly acquired skills "in the field.  This trip will involve the analysis of four to six properties in all key areas of performance as well as comparing results as a group. Our handyman will offer his expertise in addition to any field questions relating to repair costs.  

All students are scheduled for an additional "Private Investment Consultation", where we will analyze your "Personal Investment Philosophy" as well as create strategies and a road-map to achieve your long and short-term goals.



Having an experienced and local Mentor/Broker/Investor that is personally acquiring property daily can be invaluable.  With over $400 million dollars in closed transactions and the Management of 70+ Investment Properties and Portfolios, we have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience to share with you; these “real life” experiences can be invaluable.  You will have  free, ongoing, private consultations during and after the Mentoring Program.   


At the end of this program you will be armed with the skills and concepts necessary for successful investing. You will have established your own “Personal Investment Philosophy” while also being competent at analyzing properties, calculating cash-flows, determine fix-up costs, and having strategies in place to acquire Real Estate.  On average, our clients have been working with us for 10 years and we have closed three plus escrows for each!  Yes, it is time to take action!

This program is designed for all levels of investors, from newbie’s to experienced, whether you buy and hold, flip, or wholesale. All will walk away with the necessary skills for success


The cost of this program is $395.00.  Please don’t be fooled by the low cost.  We realize this is a fraction of the cost of other programs.  We are able to offer this price because our Mentoring Program is a stepping stone for our business, meaning this is not our primary source of incomeHowever, as we create strong investors through this program, we find that these successful investors are able to acquire additional properties and prefer us to represent them as their Realtor, Lender and/or Property Manager.   We also welcome you to attend future Mentoring Programs & Fieldtrips at no charge . This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  So, if you are serious about investing, welcome to our TEAM! Eddie and Dina personally teach all classes.

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