We offer over 20 years of an extensive background in Property Management, Real Estate Investing, and Real Estate Sales. We are constantly buying and selling property, for both ourselves and our investors. In addition, we have worked with hundreds of investors as well as owners needing to rent out their Primary Residence. Our 20 plus years of experience offers significant advantages and insights that we share with our investors and owners to assure a safe and profitable venture.

We have found that our owners have a much deeper knowledge of all the important pieces of Property Management. With their personal goals in mind, we implement the necessary asset protection and liability strategies in their properties, as well as created exit and tenant retention strategies. We also monitor all our owners’ property values, market direction, and statistical data on a regular basis.

We also work with homeowners that are not investors at all! In fact, many of our owners do not have any desire to be investors; however, their circumstances push them into renting out their current residence for different reasons. Our focus is always on reducing risk, liability, and vacancies, while increasing profits and returns. This is what we call Property “Performance” Management. We offer much more than simply collecting and dispersing rent checks.

Our “Project” Management services are key to property performance. This is included in our services at no additional charge. Project Management is the difference between strong property performance and consistent positive cash-flow, verses negative cash-flow, vacancies, and spending time in court. We will confirm renters insurance, owners insurance, utility changes, home security, property rental preparation, future repairs, property inspections, legal issues, etc. This is all included in our flat fee.

Our Property Management Philosophy of creating an “all-inclusive Property Management Company has proven to be extremely effective in saving our owners thousands of dollars; not only that, but we have had only one eviction over the last eight years. You will also appreciate knowing that your property insurances, including your tenant’s insurance, are current and in effect. All properties must have an exit strategy and liability protection in place; we assure and assist our owners in this process with all properties we manage. We believe there is much more to Management than simply collecting rents and filling vacancies.

We are here to assist all our owners/investors to safe and successful property ownership. If you would like to chat with any of our owners to see how were doing, just let us know.