What is included in our fees?


All-Inclusive- “Flat Monthly Fee”


It’s nearly impossible for a home owner to ask all the necessary questions to determine everything included in a Property Management Companies “Standard Fees” or “Basic Fees”. We have no “hidden” or “junk” fees. Consequently, we have provided a list of services below to take the guess work out of the equation and answer many of the questions you may have about what is included.  We don’t believe in profiting from “Hidden Fees”.  We feel that we should all be on the same team.


No Monthly Property Management Fee charged during vacancy periods

No Leasing Fee due prior to tenant moving in

No charge to post your property on the MLS

No “set up” fees

No charge for serving notices and dealing with AttorneysGolden Gate Real Estate & Lending - Eddie & Dina Franich

No charge for our “Eviction Protection” Program

No charge for representing owner in court for Bench Trials

No charge for interior photos and or videos during inspections

No Vendor Markups

No charge for annual and semi-annual Property Inspections

No charge for frequent exterior Drive-by Inspections

No charge for electronic payments for Tenants

No charge for periodic Property Staging

No charge for numerous security strategies when warranted

No charge for vendor access and supervised repairs when requested


  • We feel that we should all be on the same team. Working as team by creating trust up-front is key to successful Property Management.